Denise Garner for Arkansas 84 Putting Arkansas First
Denise Garner for Arkansas 84 Putting Arkansas First

“I’m running for re-election because we proved the last two legislative sessions how important working across the aisle with moderate and pragmatic legislators can be in moving Arkansas forward.”


Let’s roll back the guns-on-campus legislation and restore local control. It was never a GUN ISSUE, it is a PUBLIC SAFETY issue.

It was made a gun issue by outside influence.


It is morally and fiscally responsible to ensure
EVERY ARKANSAN has access to quality healthcare.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven how important access to quality healthcare and affordable medications are to average Arkansans. We need to continue focusing on lowering prescription drug prices while expanding healthcare coverage to as many Arkansans as possible.


The excellence of Northwest Arkansas public schools is the gold standard for education in our state. We must continue advocating for higher teacher pay and benefits, more incentives for bus drivers as well as encouraging more diverse educators and administrators to enter into the education profession.


Businesses and individuals are hurting from the economic effects of COVID-19. Our region is quickly growing and it’s important to collaborate as economic partners to ensure development is done right.