Plans to Run in New State House District 20

(Fayetteville, Ark.) – State Representative Denise Garner officially plans to file for re-election to the Arkansas House of Representatives – District 20 once filing begins early next year.

The Arkansas Board of Apportionment unveiled the proposed new state house districts on Friday, October 29th. While Denise is disappointed in losing key areas of her old State House District 84, she knew her district was likely to change due to the significantly increased population.

“We are exactly one year away from the 2022 election and I truly enjoy being a state representative, listening to the concerns of my constituents and proposing sensible legislation,” said Garner. “I’ve decided to announce my intention to run for re-election in my new house district because we proved last session how important it is to have moderate and pragmatic voices bridging the political divide. We simply need more legislators willing to listen to their constituents rather than lobbyists or other single-issue campaigns.”

The proposed new State House District 20 is smaller than Denise’s old state house district. Her new district primarily covers north and east Fayetteville, extending from the Sam’s Club area out west and ending on Habberton Road in eastern Washington County. Denise will no longer represent Greenland, Elkins, West Fork, and Prairie Grove under the new proposed map.

“This State House seat does not belong to me. Nor does it belong to any particular political party,” said Garner. “It belongs to the people, and I would be truly honored to be their voice and representative again in 2022.”

Denise credits her initial win defeating a four-term incumbent in the 2018 campaign largely by listening to her constituents and proposing sensible gun legislation. She held over twenty-five neighborhood meet-&-greets and countless weekend door knocking campaigns throughout the district to hear the concerns and ideas of neighbors while reminding politicians all over Arkansas that politics should be local and about people and not their largest campaign contributors.

At the start of the 92nd General Assembly, Denise was elected co-chair of the Freshmen Caucus largely due to her listening and leadership abilities. Last session, she served as vice-chair of two committees and served on the Revenue and Taxation Committee.

“For over forty years, I’ve been deeply involved in our communities here in Washington County and across Arkansas through various nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and my personal commitment to making our state a better place to live for all families,” said Garner. “The 2021 legislative session proved we need to avoid partisan extremism and elect leaders with empathy, integrity, and a desire to help others.”

Denise plans to hold a formal kickoff campaign in early 2022 at a venue in her new house district once the Board of Apportionment finalizes the proposed new maps.

For more information about State Rep. Denise Garner and her re-election campaign for the proposed Arkansas House District 20, follow Denise on Facebook or the Board of Apportionment at