Calls on Opponent to Embrace Ethics
Reform and Refuse PAC Contributions

(Fayetteville, Ark.) – Fayetteville resident and local state house candidate Denise Garner announced that her campaign raised nearly $15,000 in her first month since officially announcing for the Arkansas House of Representatives – District 84. All of her contributions came from small donors and close supporters in the local Northwest Arkansas community.

Denise held a kickoff campaign event on Wednesday, December 13, 2017, at the Sunrise Stage in Fayetteville with over two hundred people from throughout the community who came out to show their support for Denise’s campaign.

“When we launched our campaign to retake Arkansas House District 84, I was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and interest showed by so many people in this race,” said Garner. “I decided to enter this race because I will not sit on the sidelines as our state legislature attacks the very institutions and ideas that I have championed for my entire life. We deserve better from our elected officials and need to hold our politicians accountable. I will always put Arkansas first!”

Denise said one of the first pieces of legislation she would propose if elected to the State House of Representatives would be to introduce a sweeping ethics reform bill for all elected officials. She is tired of seeing out-of-state interest groups and big Political Action Committees (PACs) with no ties to local communities contribute huge sums of money to politicians.

“For nearly forty years, I’ve been deeply involved in our communities here in Washington County and across Arkansas through various nonprofit organizations, startup small businesses, and my personal commitment to making our state a better place to live for all families,” said Garner. “We deserve to know where our politicians get their campaign cash and who they are beholden too. I have pledged not to accept any contributions from PACs or out-of-state interest groups because I believe in keeping my campaign local, honest and open. I want to listen and legislate based on what people in my district want rather than doing the bidding of whoever contributes the most to my campaign.”

Denise called on her opponent, incumbent state Rep. Charlie Collins to do the same. She said her opponent raised roughly seventy-five percent of his campaign contributions in 2017 from corporations, lobbyists, and other out-of-state PACs.

“I am committed to campaigning passionately across District 84 registering new voters, listening to constituents, and explaining my plan for how to fix several of the problems our state faces in healthcare, public education, and infrastructure improvements while my opponent continues to collect thousands of dollars from corporations and special interests who want to buy his vote,” said Garner. “Hershey and I raised our family in this district, poured our heart and soul into local races, and believe now is the time to take a stand and hold our politicians accountable in the 2018 election. We deserve better leadership; that’s why I’m running.”

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